If you are planning to start blogging or just a website for your business or portfolio you are in the right place.

I’ll be guiding you on how to start a blog or website completely from scratch.

Choose your Blog Topic

Before starting a blog make sure about which topic you are going to write articles. I suggest you to start a blog if you can write at least 20 articles around the topic which you have chosen.


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Choose a Domain Name

Domain: It is the name of your website.

For me my domain name is moneyoverinternet.com, similarly, you can choose and buy your domain name from domain name registrars like namecheap.com.

Tips to choose a good domain name

1. Choose a domain with 2 to 3 words.
2. The domain name must be easy to remember
3. Don’t use numbers or special characters in the domain name
4. Try to choose .com domains over .net,.org,.in


For example, if I take moneyoverinternet.com as a domain name, then the subdomain of this domain can be hello.moneyoverinternet.com, learn.moneyoverinternet.com. You can create multiple subdomains depending on the requirement.

Choose a Hosting Plan

Hosting: It is the place where our website or blog files are stored. Choosing a good hosting can improve our website or decrease website performance.

My website runs on a hosting called Siteground and I really love its features. Some of its features are:
1. 24/7 Customer Support
2. Free SSL ( converts our website from http to https, s stands for secured )
3. Daily Site Backups
4. Free Cdn ( Improves website speed and security )

If you want to start with a single website go for startup plan, for hosting multiple websites go with grow big plan and you can upgrade your plan to grow geek after getting a decent amount of traffic.

Steps to purchase Hosting and Domain name from Siteground

1. Click Here to redirect to Siteground Website

As i already said you can start with startup plan if you are just starting

2. Register your domain name

3. Enter Account Information

3. Enter Your Credit Card Details

3. Review Purchase Information

Select the Data Center near to your country in my case i have choose Asia. Leave Domain Privacy and SG Site Scanner unckecked.

4. Complete The Purchase

Setup a Blog on WordPress

After purchasing the domain and hosting just login to your siteground account. Go to Websites and Install WordPress.

Choosing the right Theme

There are many Themes to choose but i recommend to choose Generate Press Theme or Astra Theme as they make website load speed very fast.

Customizing WordPress Theme

A Page builder helps us to customize our posts and pages without any knowledge of programming , we just need to use drag and drop elements to customize the pages.

Although there are many page builders through which we can customize WordPress pages, personally I recommend you choose Elementor Page Builder which is the number one page builder, right now.


In order to start WordPress just complete the hosting and domain purchase on siteground.com, install WordPress from the Websites tab on Siteground Dashboard.
Install GeneratePress or Astra Theme and Install Elementor Plugin and you are good to go. I guess now you don’t have any doubt about how to start a blog from scratch.


How much does it cost to start a blog?

It costs $100 to start a blog or a website. Also you can check namecheap.com to start as low as $22

What are the Requirements to Start a Blog?

A Domain name and Web Hosting is enough.

What is the best Hosting to use?

The Best Hosting for starting a Blog is Siteground or Cloudways.