Want to know the best skills to make money online?

If so, this article will help you to find the right skill so that you can learn and earn money online.

The times are changing and people have started making money online with their skills and some others are learning in-demand skills to find new opportunities online. This is for you if you are looking to make some extra bucks apart from your full-time job or maybe you can become a full-time freelancer if you are dedicated to learning these skills.

Here are the skills to learn to make money online:

2. Graphic Designing
3. Youtube
4. Content Writing
5. Web Development
6. App Development
7. Selling Photos
8. Video Editing
9. Digital Marketing
10. Translation and Languages
11. Music and Audio
12. Online Courses ( E-Learning )


Blogging can be the best way to start your online career as it helps you not only to make money but also to learn many things like content writing, graphic designing (I’ve learned to make my own featured image which you can see on the top of this article), SEO, Keyword Research, etc.

It takes very few minutes to start a blog today, just grab a domain name, hosting server, install WordPress and you are good to go.

Here are some few ways how you can monetize a blog

Affiliate Marketing
Ad Revenue with Google Adsense
Selling your own Online Courses

Start a Blog Today

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Graphic Designing

Because of the rise in social media, there is a lot of opportunity in a graphic designing area where you can create logos, flyers, social media banners, etc for your clients.

Here are the Softwares that you can learn to start your career in graphic design.

Photoshop – Best for Photo Editing
Illustrator – Best for Making Logos and Vectors


Youtube is in boom because people are more interested to consume video content more rather than reading long articles.

To start a youtube channel just create a free google account and create your own Youtube Channel (It’s Free).

To make videos you should learn how to record and edit videos or you can outsource the work to someone else.

Some of the Softwares which I suggest to use are
Final Cut Pro ( for Video Editing on Mac )
Premiere Pro ( for Video Editing on Windows and Mac )
Camtasia ( for Screen Recording on Windows and Mac )
Screenflow ( for Screen Recording on Mac )

I’ve written an article on how to earn money on youtube do check it out.

Content Writing

Due to the Increase in Blogs, Print Media, and Magazines, there is a requirement of content writers.

In order to succeed in content writing, you must be willing to research any topic and write a minimum of 2000 words on that specific topic.

Web Development

Opportunities in web development have increased because of businesses going online. The skills needed to learn about web development are:

Html, CSS, Javascript are very basic things to learn to start your web development career.
Later you need to learn React or Nodejs or Angularjs or Vue depending on the requirements.

If you want to build a website without coding then WordPress is the best solution.

App Development

Businesses are choosing apps because it is easy to send notifications to their customers.

You can also release your own App on play store and App store and monetize it with ads using Admob by Google.

Skills to learn for Android App Development

Skills to learn for Ios App Development

Selling Photos

If you are good at taking high-quality photographs then you can your images on websites like Shutterstock,500px, and iStockphoto.

Pinterest is one of the best places to promote your high-quality images. Recently I’ve heard a story of a photographer who has earned $500 in a single day by using Pinterest and iStockPhoto.

Video Editing

This is one of the highest paying skills right now as the video is the easiest form to consume for people right now. You can earn from as low as $10 to $1000 or even more for a single project.

Some of the video editing Softwares used most are:
Final Cut Pro X ( Mac Only )
Adobe Premiere Pro ( Windows and Mac)
Davinci Resolve
Adobe After Effects ( used for VFX, Motion Effects )

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a very vast field where there are a lot of opportunities compared to any other skills.

Some of the high paying skills in Digital Marketing are:

Facebook Ads

Translation and Languages

If you are good at any language then you can get paid for Translating articles from one language to the other. High paid will be languages like French, Spanish, etc.

Music and Audio

A Movie, song, or any short film is incomplete without music. Independent music is on-trend right now and every singer or a rapper needs a music producer.

Some of the paying skills in music are:

Music Production
Mixing and Mastering
Voice Editing

Apart from giving services, you can earn Royalty income if you can make your own songs and upload them on sites like distrokid.

Online Courses ( E-Learning )

If you are good at any skill and you want to sell those skills in the form of courses then just open an account on Teachable and start selling your courses there. Teachable is a platform where we can record and host our courses online. Another Platform is Udemy but it has limitations like you get paid very less because almost all courses in Udemy are less than $10 mostly.

Bonus – How to Get Clients

Join Facebook groups related to your Skill
Start an Instagram Page
Create a Profile on LinkedIn
Search for Clients around your friends and Family