I assume you are new to the term Affiliate Marketing and you want to know what is Affiliate marketing?

Well, let me tell you that if you observe correctly you might have already done Affiliate Marketing in your life.

When Google launched its payments app called Google Pay they introduced a referral program where you can earn from 100 to 200 rupees if someone installs the application with your link or enters your code when they register their details. After the successful installation of the mobile application with your referral finally, you get the desired income. This can be seen in many many other applications like phone pay, Paytm, etc. If you understood this affiliate marketing also works the same way.

What is Affiliate Marketing in a Simple Way

Affiliate Marketing is simply earning commissions by recommending other people’s products or services.

How to do Affiliate Marketing?

Step 1: Find out if the brand or company has an Affiliate Program

To find this just use Google and I do it the same way. Now you may have a doubt what to type on Google?

So here is the formula to find out: Product/Company/Brand Name + Affiliate Program


Since I use the service of Name cheap for buying the domains i know it is one of the best place for buying domains.

I thought why not I promote this company.

So I just Googled Name Cheap Affiliate Program on Google and I found it.

Name Cheap Affiliate Program

Step 2: Join the Affiliate Program

You may think joining the Affiliate Programs are easy but there will minimum requirements to get approved.

The Process will be same like as signing up for a Facebook Account.

The minimum requirement to get approved is a running website with few articles on it.

Step 3: Collection Your Unique Affiliate Links

After getting approved for the Affiliate Program collect your unique affiliate links from your affiliate dashboard.

What are Affiliate Links?

The links which make you earn money are called Affiliate links. The conversions of products are tracked by using this link.


Here is my Bluehost Affiliate Dashboard where I have my unique affiliate link which is  https://www.bluehost.com/track/akhilvedanayakam/

This is the link which we should focus on.

Bluehost Affiliate Dashboard

Step 4: Promote the Links

Promote the Product by using this link. Once a person makes a purchase using this link you will be getting your commission. In case of Bluehost they pay $65 per every sale that happens through you.

Step 5: Receiving the Commissions

To receive commissions we need to wait for 30 days or more since many of the products which we promote have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The common mode of payment which I saw in most of these is PayPal. So, make sure you set up your PayPal account before promoting any product.

Two Types of Products in Affiliate Marketing

There are two types of Products to promote in Affiliate Marketing which are

  1. Physical Products
  2. Digital Products

1. Physical Products

As we know the things which we can touch and feel are called Physical Products. But how you do earn money with it?

The biggest E commerce store Amazon has it’s own Affiliate Program called Amazon Associates.

Amazon Commission Rates

As we can see in the above image Amazon pays unto 10% for every product you promote.

The advantage with Amazon is people already have a lot of trust with the company and there are high chances that people buy the product easily.

The disadvantage with Amazon is the Cookie period is only 24 hours, that means you will be paid commission only if someone purchase the product within 24 hours after clicking your Affiliate Link.

2. Digital Products

Digital Products includes courses, software products and lot of things.

Some digital products with which people are doing affiliate marketing:

Web Hosting, Domains
Udemy Courses and a lot of course sites have affiliate programs
Seo tools like Semrush

Two Types of Affiliate Platforms

1. Self Hosted Affiliate Platforms
2. Affiliate Marketplaces

1. Self Hosted Affiliate Platforms

In this type of Affiliate Platform the company itself has its own Affiliate tracking system and the commission are paid by the company directly.

Example: I’ve been an Affiliate of Siteground for over 8 months (right now affiliate program for Siteground is closed in India) and they have their own Affiliate Dashboard where they track the click and conversions. So Siteground and Bluehost are the best examples for self hosted Affiliate Platforms.

2. Affiliate Marketplaces

As the name suggests Affiliate Marketplace means a group of companies hosting their Affiliate Program in one platform in a common Affiliate Marketplace.

The Affiliate Marketplaces which I have used are

  1. Click bank
  2. Commission Junction

Some of the Affiliate Marketplaces which you should try are:

  1. JV Zoo
  2. Share A Sale
  3. V Commission

How to Promote Affiliate Programs?

To promote affiliate programs build email list when you start seeing some amount hitting your bank account with Affiliate Programs. Reinvest that money to publish fresh content on your blogs.

To understand online marketing and Affiliate Marketing i would suggest to take this challenge by Russell Brunson where he teaches us how to create Funnels and get profited in the online money making and business.

Best Course

One Funnel Away

30 Day Challenge

What do you get in this?
Audio Player

Affiliate Marketing Tips

  1. Always promote the products which you have used.
  2. Make sure you have a Blog with a few articles before applying for an Affiliate Program.
  3. Do not directly promote the Affiliate Links on social media and even on WhatsApp.


With this knowledge in the article, I was able to earn a few dollars online. I hope you have got some knowledge about Affiliate Marketing as you have reached the end of the blog post. Do let me know in the comments section below if you have any doubts regarding the topic.